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Properly known as Narcissus, daffodils are part of the amaryllis family. All daffodils have a central trumpet-shaped corona surrounded by a ring of petals. The traditional daffodil has a golden yellow color all over, but the corona often features a contrasting color. Please don't eat the daffodils, since they are poisonous!
<font face="Futurist" size=2><font color="#FBEC5D">Daffodils: Massey Gardens, Ft. Valley, GA<font face="Futurist" size=2><font color="#FFCCCC">Daffodil 4395: Long Island, NY<font face="Futurist" size=2><font color="#FBEC5D">Daffodil 78: Rural NYDaffodil, Albertson, NYDaffodil 2255