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Irises are bulbous perennials that grow quite well in northern temperate zones. All irises have 6 petals, typically 3 upright and 3 downward-curving. There are 4 primary categories: bog irises, which grow well in sunny, damp areas near ponds; bearded irises (my favorite!); rockery irises, which prefer moist, well-drained soil; and woodland irises, which require more shade.
<font face="Futurist" size=2><font color="#FFCCCC"> Bearded Iris 1497: Northern NJ<font face="Futurist" size=2><font color="#FEEEE00">Bearded Iris-"Jesse's Song: Northern NJ<font face="Futurist" size=2><font color="#FBEC5D"> Iris 2512: Richmond, VAIris, Summit, NJBearded Iris, central NJIris, central NJWild Iris, rural GeorgiaIris, Tallahassee, FLIris, central NJBearded Iris 2072Bearded Iris 2084Bearded Iris 2080Iris 2027