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Tulips are among the oldest known flower species; it is believed that they emanated from central Asia over 3000 years ago. To grow properly, tulips need a temperate climate and a winter chilling. Although they are perennials, the best blooms will usually occur in the first year. In addition,they can be "forced". There are literally thousands of variations of shape, color, and prominence. In many parts of the US, tulips are the harbingers of spring, and, in my opinion, nothing could be more beautiful than rows (and fields) of mature tulips in bloom!
<font face="Futurist" size=2><font color="#FBEC5D">Tulip 2747: Eastern NY<font face="Futurist" size=2><font color="#FFAA00">Tulip 2221: Queens, NY<font face="Futurist" size=2><font color="#FBEC5D">Tulip 2829: Eastern Maryland<font face="Futurist" size=2><font color="#FBEC5D">Twin Tulips: Queens, NY<font face="Futurist" size=2><font color="#FFAA00">Tulip 2220: Suburban Philadelphia, PA<font face="Futurist" size=2><font color="#EEEE00">Tulip 2202: Northhampton, MA<font face="Futurist" size=5><font color="#9fb6cd">Tulip 2441: Suburban Philadelphia, PATulips, Brandywine, PAParrot tulip, Wayne, PATulips, Brandywine, PA