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Daisies are the most prominent member of the Aster genus; it is estimated that there are over 250 varieties of these herbaceous perennials. They are found almost everywhere in temperate parts of North America. They have many variations and colors-just look at this page-and are beloved by many, including me. Also included in this family are gazanias, sunflowers, strawflowers, and zinnias.
<font face="Futurist" size=2><font color="#FFcccc"> White Daisy-multi: Pembroke Pines, FL<font face="Futurist" size=2><font color="#EEEE00"> Daisy 4729: Eastern MD<font face="Futurist" size=2><font color="#FBEC5D"> English Daisy: Oceanside, NY<font face="Futurist" size=2><font color="#FFF5ee">Sunflower, Long Island, NY<font face="Futurist" size=2><font color="#FBEC5D"> Daisy 2092: Pembroke Pines, FLGaillardia, NY,NYDaisies, central NJZinnia, Hicksville, NYDaisy, central MarylandDaisy, eastern PennsylvaniaDaisy, Oceanside, NYDaisies, Oceanside, NYSunflower, Brandywine Valley, PA/DEConeflowerMumsEnglish Daisy, Oceanside, NY