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Pansies (Viola genus) have been bred in a rainbow of colors, ranging from gold and orange to purple, violet, and deep blue. They are quite a hardy plant, primarily in zones 4-8. Pansies are technically biennials but only bear flowers and seeds in their second year .
<font face="Futurist" size=2><font color="#FBEC5D"> White Pansy: Callaway Gardens, GA<font face="Futurist" size=2><font color="#FFCCCC">Pansy 4201: Springfield, MA<font face="Futurist" size=2><font color="#FFF5EE"> Pansy-Viola Etain: Callaway Gardens, GAPansy, Charleston, SCPansy, central NJPansy 5297, central PApansy 5783 w usm- f whitePansy 4201Pansy 24